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Oracle Reports with barcode

oas10If you try to use barcodes in Oracle Reports there is a nice tutorial in the docu that can be found here. Basically it works by using a simple (and very old) java-bean (oraclebarcode.jar) that generates that you pass string and it generates the barcode (a graphic) that is displayed in the report.

In one step they tell you to set your REPORTS_CLASSPATH variable, so that Reports can find the java-class. It works fine on the local Reportsserver. What they don't mention, and what every time i am using it takes me hours is that you have to configure your "big" Reportsserver also, and that does not mean to simple set your REPORTS_CLASSPATH, no you have to change the config-file to include the classpath in every engine that is defined there. For example:


<engine id="rwEng" class="oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl" initEngine="1" maxEngine="1" 
minEngine="0" engLife="50" maxIdle="30" callbackTimeOut="90000" classPath="/barcode/oraclebarcode.jar" >

<engine id="rwURLEng" class="oracle.reports.urlengine.URLEngineImpl" initEngine="1" maxEngine="1"
minEngine="0" engLife="50" maxIdle="30" callbackTimeOut="60000" classPath="/barcode/oraclebarcode.jar" />



  • Jb_Paris

    Posted at 2011-03-03 14:42:29


    I have added with vi the classPath pointing to the oraclebarcode.jar in this file:
    and opmnctl stopall / startall.
    But it does not work.
    It is still possible to print reports without bar codes.
    Maybe I should add this path using the Entreprise Manager Interface?

    Many thanks for your help.

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  • Manfred Hofbauer

    Posted at 2011-03-02 19:26:56

    I remember that there is a similar file on Linux. Currently have no access to a NIX-reports-server. I suggest you do a "grep -r minEngine" in your Oracle-Home.
    Please post the filename and if it works on NIX here.

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  • Jb_Paris

    Posted at 2011-03-02 16:59:15


    I can't print Oracle reports on the unix-based webserver with bar codes using the java bean. (Works fine under Windows).

    Where is the co
    nfig-file with the engine tag?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Jean-Benoit MORLA

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