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svnserve with slikSVN

subversion_logoToday i was installing subversion on a 64Bit Windows 7 machine.
I chose the SlikSVN package to install Subversion, because i dont want to have
an Apache running on this computer, and it was the only 64 bit Subversion option.
Installed, out of the box and with installing svnserve as service with

sc create svnserve binpath= "c:\subversion\svnserve.exe --service
    --root c:\repos" displayname= "Subversion" depend= tcpip
    start= auto


it worked out of the box without any troubles.
The only thing that was not working was TortoiseSVN. So... it worked by command line but did not work with TortoiseSVN? Yes.
After trying for hours i uninstalled SlikSVN and tried the CollabNet package. With this package it worked without any troubles.

I really don't know what could be the reason for this. I also found some threads where people had the same problems.
Does anybody out there have hint, why it does not work with SlikSVN?

  • Someone

    Posted at 2011-04-10 06:13:41

    You're right, Gregg. But in my case I used "listen-host" without "= ".

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  • Gregg

    Posted at 2011-03-22 20:26:22

    I know this is a 2 year old post but just in case someone comes across this like I did this link may help. I describes adding the setting "listen-host=" to the binpath options in order to set SlikSVN to us IPv4 rather than IPv6 protocol.


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