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The difference between PJC and Java Beans in Forms

The difference between PJC (Pluggable Java Components) and Java Beans in Forms

PJC extend the functionality of already implemented objects like buttons, text-fields, radio-groups etc.
Java Beans can contain every Java-Program. That means if you need to implement a super-text-field, that
automatically changes the color every 10 seconds (very useful) then you would implement an PJC.
If you implement an calendar or Slider-Control then you would implement a Java-Bean.

In Java a class that extends a Text-Field (=PJC) would look like this...

public class ColorField extends VTextField{

A Java-Bean would look like this

public class SuperCalendar extends VBean{

Communication to the class can be done with "SET_CUSTOM_PROPERTY" from forms.
If you want to communicate with Forms you have to "dispatch" an event like this:

ID fpropNoString = ID.registerProperty("ERR_NO_STRING_PASSED");
CustomEvent vCustomEvent = new StdEvent(pHandler, fpropNoString);

But JUST Java-Beans are able to dispatch events! PJC are not able to dispatch events, that shall be
implemented in future releases. I thinkt that is a big disadvantage of PJCs.

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