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Article Buttons

articlebuttons_logoArticleButtons is a plugin for the Joomla Content Management System, that allows easy integration of SocialNetwork Buttons in Joomla articles. A focus was put to low ressources usage and fast page-load times. All requests are executed asynchronous, java scripts are just loaded once.

The plugin can be downloaded here.



  • In the Joomla-Administration click "Extensions -> Install/Uninstall".
  • In the "Upload Package File"-Dialog Browse to the installation-zip-file and press the "Upload File & Install" Button.
  • After succesful uploading you should see a message "install Plugin Success".
  • Now click "Extensions -> Plugin manager". There find the ArticleButtons Plugin and click on the name. This gets you to the Plugin-Parameters.
  • Enable the plugin (by setting the radiogroup on the left side to "yes") and choose the parameters. All parameters have a tooltip with further explanation.
  • Don't forget to choose the categories you want to add the buttons to be excluded. They are multiselectable.

You are done, have fun!