I was testing my Oracle-Express, and think it is a really cool piece of software. The installation process was easy and simple, like an simple program. Everything was working fine, the right services were started. After installing you have some icons in the Start-Menu with which you can start and stop your database. There are also some links to Help-Forums and Documentation, and the most important the link to the Database-Homepage.


The Database-Homepage allows you to maintain the complete database with an simple HTML-Layout. But it is not just important for DBAs, there is also the possibility to develop new applications with HTML/DB, an genious Oracle-Product with which you can develop working database-applications within minutes!

Working with Oracle Express

 You can

  • administrate users
  • create/browse Databse-Objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures....
  • import/export data
  • monitor and administrate the database
  • build applications

I think this is a very good and simple to use and FREE possibility for small and medium applications. You also have the possibility to upgrade to every "bigger" Oracle-Version if necessary, for example the Standard-Edition One etc.