Troubles with Oracle Report fonts

A while ago I was noticing strange symbol characters in Oracle Reports PDF output after a major version upgrade of the Middleware. They looked kind of greek and I could not find a solution. Turned out you should really search for "Greek" characters Oracle Reports, which brings you to the Oracle Bug 2906401 - FONT ALIASING NOT WORKING FOR ALL FIELDS WITH WE8ISO8859P15 CHARACTERSET.
Don't be confused, that is also a problem with any other character set. If you go to the solution you have a lot of different ways to bypass that. Below you find the way it worked on our system. The solution with creating backup directories and script was too complicated for me, so there is a one-liner which is doing the same.

sed -i 's/EncodingScheme AdobeStandardEncoding/EncodingScheme FontSpecific/' $ORACLE_HOME/guicommon/tk/admin/AFM/*

To make it short there are AFM files (Adobe Font Metrics) which Oracle Reports is using to generate the PDF files. These need to be changed in order to generate correct PDF output.