At home I have a pretty difficult networking situation. In the evenings especially if a lot of people around are at home the WLAN is not working at all, over the day I have full speed (using AI-Mesh) but in the evening it tends to be horrible slow.
So I looked for a power-line network to get at least a good connection to the most important points. So the use-case is simple I have to bridge two points. After I know that the speed depends on the power-line I was calculating to get about 50% of my 300/50Mbit line speed. Here are the notes which I took after struggling and testing different producer. The Upload/Download tests were all done with


devolo Magic 1 LAN Starter Kit, LAN Powerline Adapter -bis zu 1.200 Mbit/s, ideal für Home Office und Gaming, 1x Gigabit LAN Anschluss, dLAN 2.0, weiß

My first PowerLAN adapter were from devolo and I was pretty happy with them so these were my first choice. The administration console is fine, the configuration with the "power save mode" is tricky. I have on the other side a router connected and even if the adapter should not (because the router is always online), the adapters go to sleep, so I needed to turn the power save mode off. The tests were ok but the download rate was with 86,5 disappointing the upload with 48 was at max. I paid 76€ for them.


AVM FRITZ!Powerline 510E Set (500 Mbit/s, Fast-Ethernet-LAN) deutschsprachige Version

After I was disappointed from the Devolo I ordered two other systems.

The AVMFritz are pretty small and cheap, they don't have a socket built, so you will loose a socket in your home but they are pretty cheap with 42€. With a download of 79,7MBit they are about the same as the Devolo stuff, an upload of 30,7 is pretty low.


D-Link DHP-P601AV PowerLine Gigabit Passthrough Kit (AV2, enthält zwei Adapter, Datenübertragunsraten von bis zu 1000 Mbit/s)

With 52€ they the price is ok. There is a power save mode which you can't turn off as it seems, but until now I never had the "devolo looses suddenly connection" problem, probably the implementation is better. The Download with 130MBit and Upload of 50Mbit is much higher as the ones from Devolo. After they are also about 25 bucks cheaper I will give them a try. In case they turn up to have any flaws I will post an update.