In my current project a lot of customers are from east-european countries. For this reason the reports (printed as PDF) need to be printed with a lot of special characters, also cyrillic ones. For this reason i have to use UTF8. In Reports it is a almost simple procedure to configure. The hard part is to find the right documentation, there is a huge amount of whitepapers etc. floating around on metalink and OTN. Here in some simple steps, this example works with Windows-XP.

  • check where the fonts are located on the operating-system (f.e.: "c:\windows\fonts")
  • find the file uifont.ali file (should be in\tools\common....)
  • add a pdf subset-section or uncomment it (there are a lot of examples in this file)


[ PDF:Subset ]
"Times New Roman"..Italic.Bold.. = "timesbi.ttf"
"Times New Roman"...Bold.. = "timesbd.ttf"
"Times New Roman"..Italic... = "timesi.ttf"
"Times New Roman"..... = "times.ttf"
"Arial"..Italic.Bold.. = "Arialbi.ttf"
"Arial"...Bold.. = "Arialbd.ttf"
"Arial"..Italic... = "Ariali.ttf"
"Arial"..... = "Arial.ttf"

  • add the font-directory to the Reports-Path the reports-path is a registry-entry on windows and a environment-variable on linux/unix.
  • If it is a local installation for developing, you also have to set the nls-language to UTF8 (registry in windows, environment on linux/unix...)


If you want to learn more about PDF-subsetting take a look at the documentation, the document-number for 10g Developer is B13895-01, you can download it on metalink, or just google for it.