I am using the MDA-Vario a branded version of the HTC-QTEK 9100, and like it. It is a PocketPC, and so it synchronizes pretty good with mircosoft office. One thing i don't like is that the stylus-pen to operate the touch-screen is kind of loose in the case. I was looking often for the pen and always could find it, but since last week i could not find it again. T-Mobile was not able to send me some of this pens because the run out of these pens (guess why... Laughing). So i looked at ebay, and they are sold there for 1-3€ for one, that means with freight costs it is about 10€ for one pen, and about 15 for three of them. I thought that was too expensive for such a 10-Cent product. So i consulted my favourite Shop (Amazon), and there i found these pens (3 for 10€) and if you buy it with the the dockingstation (didn't come with the vario) you pay 20€ for all (no freight costs). 

By the way i am currently working on a Amazon-PHP-Framework to get the Amazon-Items that are really worth to buy (cheap).