Webutil is an enhancement of Oracle Webforms. A Toolbox where you can do things like reading the registry, transferring files by ftp, invoking dll-functions...

Last time when using it i got WUC-024 (WUC-24), i think i used the filetransfer-functions.

... I am a brave user so i am consulting the manual (RTFM). The manual reads 

    The error is caused by wrong/missing configuration.
    Solution: No mapping has been made for webutil directory where files are located.
    Follow description from WebUtil User’s Guide chapter 2.5 "Configuring Oracle HTTP Server for WebUtil" to set up correct mapping.

But guess what.... that was not the problem everything configured fine, i simply had not set the proxy-server in the jinitiator...

I like misleading Oracle Error-Messages... Yell