So what happened to my Oracle Service Request?....

Oracle found a similar bug reported. So i told them that i can live with my workaround and that they can close the SR if they give the Development-guys the infos from this Service-Request.

Some weeks later i did installed failsafe on a different server, and guess what.... i did not have this problem again.....

My workaround:

Enable  Database trace (exec dbms_monitor.database_trace_enable;)

                          check for which view is needed, you will find the output of the trace in the udump-directory (select value from v$parameter where name = 'user_dump_dest')

                           create a synonym for this view (create synonym v$controlfiWHATISLOOKEDFOR for v$controlfile;)

Don't forget to disable the Database trace by invoking DBMS_MONITOR.database_trace_disable.