If you use the output format DELIMITEDDATA in Oracle Reports, that exports the report as CSV file, then sometimes you need to use a wrapper (e.g. if there are CR in a field) means output is not like

In Reports it's pretty easy, there is a parameter that you can set called CELLWRAPPER. With this parameter you can define which character should be used to wrap the cells. If you use double quotes (") then you get FRM-41214 Unable to run Report (when running from Forms, another error when running from rwservlet directly). I am currently working on 11g, but it seems thats something that's not fixed since 10g. So it's kind of terrible that for such a long time there is a bug that has not been fixed. Metalink Note 397279.1 describes a workaround, by using another parameter CMDFILE, basically a file that contains parameters for the reports. In this file you put in your CELLWRAPPER=" (UX) or CELLWRAPPER='"' (WIN) parameter, and call it with CMDFILE=/tmp/mycmdfile.cmd. Means you change your Url (or forms parameter lists whatever...) from