Almost everybody who is using SSH knows Putty well. If you have multiple servers to administrate putty lacks of the feature to easily administrate these. Of course it's possible, but not very easy to use.

On Windows I an using the "Putty Connection manager", a pretty nice tool thats doing the job. It has some minor bugs, is not supported anymore, but works well on any flavour of windows.

After (already mentioned several times) moving to Gnome, I needed some kind of substitute and stumbled upon a incredible good piece of software called "Gnome Connection Manager". After using it for several weeks, I can say it is so simple and powerful that I just can just recommend it to everybody working on Linux.

As you can see in this screenshots, you can easily define connection details, tunnels, startup commands, X11 forwarding.

screenshot1 gnome connection manager

Also more advanced features, like the sending of host-commands to multiple connections is supported.

screenshot2 gnome connection manager Heavily recommended, get it!!!

P.S. Screenshots taken directly from